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The 50 most underrated colleges in America: Careers and Education,

7 Trends in Education (including K-12 teacher shortage)

Fed College Work Study Students More Likely to Graduate: Inside Higher Ed

    From comments: “[This] study further confirms that any co-curricular activity that  helps to integrate the student into the campus community correlates  positively with academic success and completion.”

    From Tulsa CC: “Recent research regarding student employment has shown that students who work  up to 20 hours per week perform better academically than students who do not work at all. Campus supervisors generally schedule student work  hours around the student's class schedule. Although student employees  are not eligible for traditional benefits such as medical insurance,  leave time or holiday pay, there are many benefits available to FWS student employees such as: valuable work experience, insight into a  career path or job field, money to help with college expenses and the  opportunity to create good references for future job searches.”

Performance Funding Model May Not Help Students: US News & World Report

2nd White House Summit Focuses on Completion, Cooperation: US

State Higher Education Finance Report 2013 (pdf)

    Infamous 49th: (click on image to see larger view)

Infamous 49th SM

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